This process will take you approximately 10-20 mins. to complete all necessary paperwork and MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE COMING TO CLASS!!!!
A little note: Have a selfie ready to upload. The selfie can only contain a pic of your head and shoulders with no hat or sunglasses

You will receive an email from PADI titled “Create Your PADI Account”.This will take you to the Create My Account Page.
Click on blue “CREATE MY ACCOUNT” button
This will take you to the “PADI DIGITAL PRODUCT SUITE” page where you will need to “sign up” not sign in.
Fill in the blank boxes with your personal information and click the blue sign up button at the bottom of the page
Once you sign up it will then take you to the “CONSUMER PRIVACY POLICY” page. Once you have read the “CONSUMER PRIVACY POLICY” and agree to it click the “I AGREE” box and then click the “ACCEPT” blue button at the bottom of the page

The next step is to fill in the address boxes and “UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO”. Do not click the blue update button on the bottom of the page until you have uploaded your photo.

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