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We specialize in TEACHING the NEW SCUBA DIVER and the Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver through online Scuba Diving lessons. Although we can teach most of the Scuba Diving specialties we choose not to. We want ALL of our focus to be on YOU, the NEW SCUBA DIVER, not selling or trying to sell you dive gear… ALL WE DO IS TEACH SCUBA DIVING!!!!

After owning our own dive shop for over two years, we have redesigned our brand to concentrate on just the teaching. It’s what we love! With the Covid shutdown we have become the Online Scuba Diving Lessons Specialist. All of your classroom work will be done online at your pace. We answer any and all of your questions via email, phone call or at the pool (confined water) portion of the certification. Also at the pool, we will also go over all the gear in great details. We are the same ScubaStop that you have come to trust for honesty, integrity and thoroughness with a family/community feel.

We offer competitive pricing and the ALL-INCLUSIVE $375 certification program. What this means is that you pay one price, we provide all you will need for your certification (BCD, regulator, computer, tanks, weights, wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel and boots)
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All of our Open Water Classes are up to 6 students (MAX). We want our students to get as much one on one time with the diving Instructor as possible. Most shops tend to put as many students in a class as Diving Standards will allow. This means having as many as 10-12 students per instructor. With this many students you do a lot of kneeling and not diving! What you should be doing in order to understand the most, well the second most important skill in Scuba Diving “BUOYANCY”, is to dive.

Buoyancy is what makes GREAT DIVERS! Buoyancy is what keeps you off the Coral Reef, it’s what makes you feel like an underwater Astronaut. The only way you can master buoyancy is by diving, not kneeling on a platform watching other students do skills. LET’S GET SWIMMING! Our Scuba Diving course only takes ONE week (not 2 weeks like other shops) after you have finished your ONLINE classroom work.

As for those scuba divers wanting to take the next step and become an Advanced Adventurer Open Water Diver we have something for you as well. In our Advanced Class we only teach you Specialties that make you a better scuba diver. Again, our focus is on BUOYACY!! Although there are a lot of different specialties, we feel from our years of teaching experience, that there are only a handful of specialties that make you a better SCUBA DIVER and that is our focus.

So contact ScubaStop, the Online Scuba Diving Lessons Specialist for your Open Water and Advanced Adventurer Open Water Certification.

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