1. We have discounts throughout the dive shop up to 30% off.

  2. The best ScubaStop deal to date: Purchase your personal gear (mask, fins, snorkel and boots) from ScubaStop and receive 100% credit back towards your Life Saving System (BCD, Regulator and Computer) this will apply to all past personal items purchased from January 2019 to present. *some restrictions do apply. *

Although the risk of acquiring a disease or infection from contaminated scuba equipment is low, there is still some measure of discomfort in this time of the corona virus. ScubaStop would like to reinforce that we are, and have always been, vigilant in sanitizing/disinfecting our “shared” equipment between users. We go above & beyond all cleaning guidelines set forth by our dive equipment suppliers, such as Aqualung, Huish Outdoors and Henderson and as advised by Diver Alert Network (DAN).
Our certifying partner, Scuba Schools International, is allowing, and urging, us to change up training practices slightly due to the virus. They are allowing us to alter water exercises to eliminate sharing the same mouthpiece. If you’d like to purchase your individual mouthpiece, along with your personal mask and snorkel, ScubaStop has a variety of these in store for purchase.

                                                        ScubaStop will have smaller class size (4 students max) unless you are a family group                                                           and offers shorter in-classroom time due to most work being done online.

Our team at ScubaStop guarantee to continue to follow robust cleaning procedures and protocols that have always been our standard.

They have to be… we are family!

Thank you, ScubaStop friends and family,
Keep the faith, he will get us through this.
GOD bless and have a great day!!
Victor & Kae Justice


The course does not have to be completed in consecutive days or weekends…you can split it up as needed!

Course Format – Following the completion of the online course work, you will have a minimum of one classroom session, one pool session, and two days of diving. You progress to each next step when YOU and your instructor feel you are ready. Our enjoyable “no pressure” program allows you to receive as much extra work as necessary to make you confident and comfortable and get you certified!

Certification – At the completion of the course, you will be certified to dive within recognized recreational limits. As an open water diver we can train at a max depth of 60 feet. We do strongly recommend that if you intend to regularly conduct dives below 60′ that you complete the Deep Diving specialty course or an Advanced Open Water certification. Leaving the local area or planning to travel? Your certification will be recognized and gladly accepted by dive shops, charter boats, and resorts throughout the world.

Equipment – The only equipment you will be required to provide will be your own SCUBA-Quality mask, snorkel, fins, and boots. We offer a discount to our open water students on all of these and other items! If you purchase your mask, fins, snorkel and boots from ScubaStop, we will provide all other equipment required during the open water course at no extra charge. If you prefer to rent your gear the rental cost is an additional $120.

Who can learn? – Anyone that is over the age of 10, in good health, and can swim comfortably in the water can learn to dive. What about Medical Conditions? There are certain medical conditions or medications that can prevent a person from being able to dive safely. In some cases, approval from your doctor may be required before you can be enrolled in a SCUBA training class. Give us a call at (817) 668-3483 if you would like more information.

Kids and SCUBA training – While children as young as 10 can get certified to SCUBA Dive, not all 10-year olds are mentally or physically ready to undergo the training. For children under 14 years of age, we like to meet with the child and parent before enrolling the child in a SCUBA training program. For students under the age of 16, a parent or legal guardian must be present for all in water activities.