Larry Stafford

Growing up in Southern California Larry first got certified in 1979 during High School P.E. In 2001 Larry got PADI certified and has logged over 800 ocean dives since. Larry has dove all over the world including the Galapagos, the Maldives, Fiji, Cocos Island, Socorro and all over the Caribbean. Larry is a retired Air Traffic Controller and resides in Midlothian with his dive buddy wife Debbie and their granddaughter Chloe.

James Trosper

Bio & Picture Coming Soon

Julie Hopkins

Hello, my name is Julie Hopkins. Scuba is tons of fun. A few friends from work suggested a discover scuba class because I was headed to Mexico in a few weeks for vacation. I had been snorkeling for years, but was ready to do something new. Sandi Zoch taught that class, and I was hooked. Love it! Being a Divemaster gives me the opportunity to do something that love, continue to learn new things and keep others safe while they are learning to dive. Diving can help build confidence and make new friends. Come join us to learn something new.

Manny Lois

I am a nature lover and earth/environment advocate Since I was young boy I dreamt of learning to dive and live the amazing world that Jaques Custeau shared through his series.. life took its turns and delayed my learning. My son became interested in the underwater world and it opened the opportunity to fulfill my dream and we both took the first steps and we were instantly hooked. Bill Nash was our instructor and he inspired the sense of privilege and respect for diving. We experienced in real life the devastation of the Great Reef Barrier on a diving trip and also the destruction and pollution of Both the Poles. This became the main goal for me to use diving as a teaching tool of how we affect the environment and the effect we have with the choices we make. I hope to inspire others to make changes so that we can preserve the underwater world and keep our waters pristine.

John Hearrell

John Hearrell is currently a PADI Dive Master Candidate. He received his Open Water Certification in 1977 while living in Madison, CT. After years of recreational diving and traveling the world with his beautiful wife, he has chosen a professional path as Dive Master to gain dive knowledge, assist instructors and stay current with the PADI standards and procedures. John is a volunteer with the BSA and is currently a Mustang District Commissioner and Executive Board Member with the Longhorn Council. Favorite BSA High Adventure moments; Scuba diving with his son at Florida Sea Base in the Keys and canoeing the Northern Tier boundary waters, Atikokan, Canada with his son and daughter. John holds PADI C-Cards as a Master Scuba Diver, Rescue Diver, Enriched Air Diver and has completed eight PADI specialty diver courses. With hundreds of logged dives, John plans to dive and assist with diver training, well into his retirement years. “We dive not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Grant Dixon

I started my diving experience here with Scuba Stop with my first lake dive with Victor. After that I have been hooked and diving blue water has only made it deeper ingrained in me. I started on the road towards Divemaster because being in the military and public service both taught the fulfillment from teaching others. As such, I enjoy helping each of the instructors with all the courses. As well as, watching and making sure everyone is having an enjoyable but safe time.

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