CONGRATULATIONS on taking the first step of the BIGGEST adventure you’re going to take!!

Please read all directions

There are 3 easy steps to getting started:

First step is to register:
Click on the SSI Online Registration link located here.
Second Step:
Once you register you will get an email from SSI (Scuba School International). In the email you will need to write down your temporary password, login with your email and temporary password to get your SSI Master ID#. Once you have that number you can call ScubaStop at 817-668-3483 or email us at [email protected] to let us know that you have registered so we can send you your FREE “Get Started Packet”.
Third Step:
You will receive an email from ScubaStop with a link. After you click the link it will take you to this page (image 1). Click on the “GET FREE PREVIEW” tab. This will take you into your FREE “Get Started Packet”. Once inside your on-line packet click on the MENU tab (image 2) to navigate through your learning materials.
This FREE course is only available for a limited amount of time before you will no longer be able to access you FREE packet.